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The bridges of Innsbruck


The bridges of Innsbruck Innsbruck takes its name from the oldest bridge in the city, the Inn Bridge, built in 1171.

The Inn Bridge was extremely important economically for the city, as it was the only Inn crossing until the Mühlau Bridge was built in 1581. All traders in the entire area therefore had to use the Inn bridge to travel from north to south and pay bridge tolls for using it, which filled the city treasury to a large extent. The other bridges were not built until the railway was built in the second half of the 19th century. There are a total of 15 bridges in Innsbruck. The most famous bridge today is the Europa Bridge. From Innsbruck, the Europe Bridge is the heart of the Austrian Brenner Autobahn A 13. At a height of 190 m above ground, it was the highest bridge in Europe for around 10 years when it was completed in 1963. Its tallest pier was the tallest bridge pier in the world at 146.5 m. It is still the highest bridge in Austria.